Stormy Daniels is back to hosting gay dating reality series For the Love of DILFs and says it’s the “best job” she’s ever had.

The adult star and stripper turned TV personality, 44, who shot to mainstream fame after her alleged 2006 fling with former President Donald Trump came to light in 2018 during his presidential administration, said she’s overjoyed her new role doesn’t involve her getting intimate with anyone.

She told Page Six about hosting the second season of the FTLODs: “I don’t even get to have an orgasm! Go figure.

“It was just such an eye-opening experience for me that how could I say no to season two?

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“Especially once I realized that I was given this opportunity that I didn’t even know was wrapped up in this hot naked man package.”

The show sees Daniels preside over a cast of young males known as "Himbos" and their older "Daddies" followers as they search for love and compete for a $10,000 cash prize, with narration courtesy of the mystery "Dr DILF."

Daniels added she loves the conversations she’s helped spark between contestants on FTLODs as she says the chats “put the straight community to shame.”

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She said: “What I didn’t realize was going to be this unexpected bonus… to really sort of bridge the gap between the queer community and the straight community about some of these hot topics that these people on the show… were so open and honest (about.)

“Conversations about boundaries, about body positivity, health, STDs and consent.

“And good stuff, too, like how you want to be touched, what feels good.”

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