A woman received some tough love on Reddit after she shared that her boyfriend unblocked his ex-girlfriend on Instagram.

"My boyfriend of 1.5 years unblocked his ex-girlfriend recently and made his Instagram profile public. I know this because he blocked her in front of me months ago and recently he logged into his Instagram on my phone and I noted her name to not be blocked," she wrote.

The woman continued, "I (F27) have trust issues with him because in the first 6 months of our relationship, I caught him emotionally cheating via text with a completely different girl (not his ex girlfriend)."

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She explained that they are "working" on their relationship and she is "choosing to try to rebuild trust" with him.

"When I asked him why he unblocked his ex-girlfriend he had no explanation other than 'I just did,' 'I don’t know why,' he is very empathetic to the situation and why I would be upset," the confused woman recalled. "He said he hasn’t communicated with her and I believe him on that front."

She is wondering if it's a "red flag," and "is this warrant a break up?"

In the comments, Reddit users urged the woman to rethink her relationship.

"Would be a red flag for me," one person wrote.

"Him cheating in the first 6 months was a huge red flag. You deserve better. Maybe you are asking the wrong questions. Maybe you should ask yourself why you allow yourself to be treated this way?," another user chimed in.

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"You don’t have trust issues. He isn’t trustworthy. The problem is not you. It’s him," a third person commented.

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