A woman on Reddit asked if she is in the wrong for getting mad at her sister for hanging out with her husband.

In her post, the woman shares that she married her twin sister's best friend and that she thought their friendship would end after she got married to her sister's best friend.

"I (32F) married my twin sister's (32F) best friend (32M), I started dating him in college and we ended up getting married (dated for 6 years, engaged for 2 years and married for 2 years). They became best friends in 2nd grade and have been ever since. We all typically talk/hang out 2-3 times a week, I assumed this would end after we got married in respect of our marriage but it has just remained the same," the woman shared.

The woman shared how she felt about the situation, which led to a fight between the sisters.

"2 weeks ago I told them how I felt about this and my sister asked how its fair that she has to stop talking to her best friend just because we got married. I got mad at this and screamed at her for 20 minutes, my husband tried defending me to my sister and she just got mad and stormed out," the post continued.

However, the woman also accused the sister and her husband of having an affair.

"A few days ago I spoke to them again, I accused them of having an affair and my sister asked me how dare I say that she would do that to me after I slept with her boyfriend in high school. (im not sure why she was so mad about it, it happened so long ago and she should have forgiven me already. My husband didn't say anything and was just upset," she said.

The post ended with the woman saying that her sister and her husband have not hung out since and that her husband seems distant and that she hasn't spoken to her sister.

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People in the comments section agreed that the woman was in the wrong for her comments about her husband's friendship with her sister.

"You want to ruin a friendship that existed long before you. Just because you are a horrible sister who fucks other people’s boyfriends doesn’t mean your sister is also a bad person. You suspect her because of your own issues," one person said.

"You're petty and insecure. Why should she stop talking to him?" another person questioned.

"You’re insecure and need to work on your issues. She was there before you," read another comment.

"You're still allowed to keep your friends after you get married. How controlling and insecure are you that you would just expect them to throw their whole friendship away and when they didn't want to, oh they must be cheating. Grow up. Just because you cheated doesn't mean your sister or husband will too," someone else said.

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