If you've seen the Barbie movie, you may have caught a subtle nod to one of metal's biggest bands in Ken's wardrobe. While embracing his full patriarchy maleness, Ken dons a rather noticeable belt with his name "KEN" spelled out in a lightning-esque silver font against a black backdrop similar to that of Metallica. And now, with the movie doing big box office numbers, the merchandising of a new Ken doll is replicating that look.

As SlashFilm notes, the new collectible Ken doll has hit Amazon, retailing for $75. While the Metallica-styled belt is part of the character's eye-catching wardrobe, the doll also comes with a black moto fringe vest with matching fingerless gloves, the gold tone chain to accentuate Ken's belt bag and, of course, the super swaggy faux fur coat with red lining. Ken is also accessorized with a lightning bolt bandana to mirror the belt and he's got high-top sneakers and a silver-tone horse pendant.

But the kicker on Ken's potential intentional love of Metallica comes in the doll's packaging. Within the film itself, Ken tires of living in Barbie's shadow, suffering a bit of an identity crisis, and his acting out comes through in his wardrobe. So, for the doll's packaging, it's notable that the Barbie branding has been intentionally crossed out and replaced with the Metallica-esque lightning font Ken branding that adorns his belt pack. You can get your Ken right here through Amazon.

But is Ken a Metallica stan? That we're not entirely sure of. While he does rock the belt pack and does play the guitar, his primary musical talent on display in the film is wooing Barbie with his rendition of Matchbox Twenty,'s "Push." Not exactly very 'Tallica there, Ken.

But, there is actually a hard rock tie to the guitar that Ken uses in the film. Per Guitar World, during promotion for the movie, Ryan Gosling shot a video apologizing to BTS star Jimmin for stealing his black-and-white tassel look at one point in the film and as a peace offering, he wanted to send along Ken's guitar. Gosling then holds up a Jerry Cantrell signature Fire Devil Songwriter acoustic guitar with a few visual alterations, including his name once again in the Metallica-esque font.

Could Ken have gotten his hands on Metallica's logo generator shared with fans from the Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct era to create his Ken belt look? The Ken belt pack is visible throughout multiple scenes in the film, as seen in the video for "Just Ken" with Ken actor Ryan Gosling singing.

Ryan Gosling, "Just Ken"

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Learn more about the new Ken doll and pick one up through Amazon.

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