On the second episode of Season 46 of Survivor, two contestants engaged in a battle, naming as many songs by Metallica and Taylor swift as each could think of. It even caught the attention of Metalica, who had a funny response.

This season of CBS' long-running hit reality competition show takes place in Fiji, where 18 contestants will have their shot to outwit, outlast and outplay all the others for a chance to win a one million dollar prize. Among the contestants is Ben Katzman, a rock musician and big time metal fan.

Metallica vs. Taylor Swift

In the Survivor video clip seen below, 31-year-old Katzman and his Siga tribemate Charlie Davis, a 25-year-old Taylor Swift superfan, opt to slay boredom by playing a fun game. Each person picks a musical artist and they take turns naming songs by their chosen artist until one of them runs out of titles.

Of the time-killing contest, Katzman assesses, "What a stupid way to pass time and if I had done that in any other setting, everybody around would've been like, 'Ben, shut up.' But here, everybody was like, 'Yo, they're going for it.'"

The tribemates go back and forth, rattling off dozens and dozens of song titles.

"I'm living in a universe right now where I am wildly entertained by just two guys saying names back and forth," laughs Siga tribe member Moriah Gaynor.

Who Won?

As the two exhaust more song names, Katzman begins to break, finding it more difficult to recollect more Metallica songs. "We're getting into the albums I'm not very into. Wait, there's the Metallica album with Lou Reed, which is really terrible," he says. That, of course, would be Lulu.

Davis contends there is no such thing as a bad Taylor Swift album, and Katzman reiterates, "Man, if I only knew the really bad albums a little more. There's a bit of an unfair advantage because although I love Metallica, I'm not a stan for terrible albums."

Katzman ultimately loses the battle by a score of 106 to 107.

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What Metallica Said In Response

In the comments section of the Survivor Instagram clip seen above, Metallica write, "We need to have a word with Ben about these so-called 'terrible albums.'" Others joked that Katzman better start running after Metallica called him out for slagging parts of their catalog.

In a DM (direct message) to the metalhead contestant, Metallica let him know that they still have his back. They state, "You didn't let us down until you said some of our albums are terrible [crying laughing emoji]. But we guess you've earned our support anyway... best of luck [metal horns hand emoji]."

Knowing how to appeal to Metallica's sensibilities, Katzman let the metal legends know that he never downloaded any of their albums on Napster.

He exclaims, "I'm just letting you know I bought them all and didn't shred 'em on Napster! Thank you guys for being THE BEST!" Metallica responded with another crying laughing emoji.

As we learned in Loudwire's exclusive interview with Katzman in advance of the Season 46 premiere, "shred" is a term he's worked into his everyday vocabulary.

"I know people perceive me as a cartoon character like I'm putting on some kind of act, but I really am me. "Shred" is my go-to verb. If my mom says, "Ben, do the dishes," I'll be like, "I'm shredding the dishes right now, don't worry," he clarifies when asked what his mantra "manifest the shred" means.

Where to Watch Survivor

Survivor airs each Wednesday on CBS. Tune in and keep cheering Ben Katzman on!

Watch our full interview with the metalhead below.

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