When Drew Barrymore wanted to know if a Happy Gilmore sequel was really happening, she did what we all would do if we could: She texted Adam Sandler about it.

During a taping of her daytime talk show, Barrymore mentioned recent news stories indicating Sandler may be planning a sequel to his hit ’90s comedy about a rough-and-tumble hockey player who becomes a star on the pro golf circuit. She said she had recently watched Sandler’s Billy Madison with her daughter.

“I stayed up last night with my daughter watching Billy Madison,” Barrymore told her audience. “I sent Sandler a video of that, and then he sent me another video back, and I’m waiting to see if he’s confirming about the Happy Gilmore 2 script.”

A short while later, Barrymore got a response from Sandler.

“This just in, I have breaking news,” she said. “I’ll just say this — from my source — that it is in process.”

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What does that mean? “There is a process, and that process is in process,” Barrymore added.

Barrymore was operating off a “tip” from Happy Gilmore co-star Christopher McDonald, who played Happy’s despicable nemesis Shooter McGavin in the film. In a recent interview, McDonald said that Sandler told him about a potential Gilmore sequel.

“I saw Adam [Sandler] about two weeks ago, and he says to me, ‘McDonald, you’re gonna love this ... I said, ‘What?’ He says, ‘How about that?’ and he shows me the first draft of ‘Happy Gilmore 2.’ Maybe you should cut that out [of this audio] because I don’t wanna be a liar, but he did show me that, and I thought, ‘Well, that would be awesome.’ So, it’s in the works. Fans demand it, dammit!”

It’s been almost 30 years since Happy Gilmore came out (ugh), but Sandler remains as busy as he’s ever been churning out films for Netflix. He recently starred in the sci-fi drama Spaceman, and he’ll soon appear in director Noah Baumbach’s next film. They previously worked together on another Netflix movie, The Meyerowitz Stories.

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