In hindsight, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law might have been the show that broke the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And no, not it was more of a comedy than a drama, or because it wasn’t a great lawyer series, or because some of the CGI was hilariously awful, or because it featured a female hero in the lead role. (Definitely not because of that last one.) No, the really big problem with She-Hulk, on top of some other minor issues that a lot of Disney+ Marvel TV shows have, was its fourth-wall breaking finale, which completely destroyed the mystique of the MCU.

Now, this sequence was kind of clever, and good for a few laughs. But it also totally undermined the MCU in a way that some viewers may not have even realized at the time. In our latest MCU video, we look back at She-Hulk and examined the good, the bad, and the ugly about it — and we also take a look at how that finale might have legitimately broken the MCU for good. Watch the video below:

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