After five years and 50 episodes, Disenchantment is coming to an end. Netflix announced today that the latest batch of ten episodes will conclude the series when it premieres on the streaming service later this fall.

The animated series was the first new creation from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening since Futurama, which first debuted on TV in 1999, and recently returned for its first new episodes in a decade on Hulu. Meanwhile, The Simpsons keeps trucking along. Its 25th season will premiere on Fox soon, and its already been renewed for a 36th season as well. It’s already produced 750 episodes. Poor Disenchantment was only 700 episodes from breaking The Simpsons’ record for the longest-running animated series in history. So close!

The Simpsons was Groening’s take on the family sitcom and Futurama was his sci-fi show. Disenchantment has been his place to poke fun of fantasy fiction, with jokes based on the genre’s typical tropes and cliché. You can see the teaser for the final season below:

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Here is the final batch of episode’s official synopsis:

It all endeth here. The misadventures of hard-hitting, hard-drinking Queen Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo and her personal demon Luci culminate in an epic battle for Dreamland in the fifth and final installment of Matt Groening’s comedy fantasy series Disenchantment. To save Dreamland from Queen Dagmar's wicked rule, Bean must vanquish her mother and outrun a prophecy that foretells she will kill someone she loves. The stakes are as high as ever as our heroes face Satan, a headless corpse, an evil stientist and most terrifying of all- their true destiny.

All ten episodes of Disenchantment Part 5 premieres on Netflix on September 1.

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