The sport of football is the undisputed king in Texas. There's no denying how much history there is between the Lone Star State and the gridiron. For example, Tommy Nobis, of Texas Longhorns fame, is one of most famous players for my favorite pro team, the Atlanta Falcons.

But there's one important thing that all football teams need besides say equipment and a head coach. Yes of course, they need a place to play. There's not a shortage of stadiums in Texas, and they all cost a lot of money.

But as with all architecture, it gets old after a set period of time, setting the stage for a new stadium to be built. One may soon be built in Prosper, Texas, but the price tag is rather high.

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One Potential New Prosper, Texas High School Football Stadium

According to FOX 29, Prosper ISD will hold a vote on November 7th of 2023 regarding a playing arena for football. The stadium would hold 8,000 fans for games. But how much exactly would this new stadium in the state cost?

The school district is currently seeking a lot of money, and according to the proposition, the total amount sought is $102,425,000. How much would go to the stadium you ask?

94 Million Dollars!

Yes, you read that correctly. 94 million for a new stadium in Texas. According to the Dallas Morning News, if this vote passes, the state's most expansive stadium will reside in Prosper, Texas.

That is 14 million dollars more than Cy-Fair FCU Stadium at Berry Center, which WFAA reports a cost of 80 million dollars. Some have voiced disdain for the potentially new stadium, citing various other ways the money could be used.

We turn the question over to you, would you be for or against this proposal if you were voting on it? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app! 

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