On April 8th the path for a total solar eclipse will travel directly above the city of Killeen, Texas as it travels across the heart of the Lone Star State and the approximate 400,000 residents of Bell County. The numbers continue to climb for the expected temporary residents we will all be welcoming over the first weekend of April with modest estimates predicting the number of people in the area will double us to around 800,000, or even "eclipse" one million.

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When you add the normal transportation routes that are headlined by the Interstate 35 corridor, the total amount of traffic the weekend and day of this once in a lifetime cosmic event will be really something nearly as impressive to witness. So, with all of the uncertainty that comes with an overflow of people and cars, local school districts have reevaluating their calendars for April 8th.

What will the Total Texas Eclipse be like on April 8, 2024?

What Central Texas schools are closing for the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

So far, these schools will be closed in Bell County according to this article at KCEN:

  1. Killeen ISD
  2. Temple ISD
  3. Belton ISD
  4. Salado ISD

Our family had already marked the date on the calendar to take off work, and pull the kids from school anyway because this is really a once in a lifetime event. Apparently the word is out because we're now expecting to at least double our household that weekend too as family members have announced their intention to visit.

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