I think pretty much every Texan owns at least one cowboy hat. It's like a state law or something.

I think they actually issue cowboy hats at birth in Texas, males and females alike really love these things. Yep, even I have one ... 2 actually.

If you're going to pop one of these guys on your noggin, be sure you're aware of these do's and dont's.

The Rules of Wearing a Cowboy Hat in Texas

Consider this sort of a "public service announcement". Knowing these things could help you avoid some trouble as Texans love their hats and don't tolerate violations of hat etiquette.

  • Don't touch anyone else's hat without permission. Big no - no here. Along with motorcycles and significant others, there's a strict "hands off" policy here.
  • Take your hat off when inside. The only exceptions are elevators, lobbies and building corridors.
  • You should also remove your hat during special events like the National Anthem, passing of the flag, while praying, when you meet somebody, or during weddings or funerals.
  • Hold your hat by the top, not the brim. When you set it down, leave it upside down so you don't bend the brim and to let it air out.
  • What it's made of is totally up to you. Felt, straw, whatever ... it's your call.
  • Always "tip" your hat to a lady.

Know of Any Other Rules?


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There are probably some other rules but those basics should keep you out of trouble.  Read a few more here and also learn how a cowboy hat can tell you that your lady is ready for some lovin'.

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