Places like Dallas, Austin & San Antonio make it pretty clear that people can have a good living here in Texas. But that's sadly not always the case. There are many cities that people don't have a good living & there's a debate on what exactly IS the poorest town in Texas.

Here are the top 10 poorest towns in Texas?

The annual salary for most people living in Texas is just over $50,000 a year, about $50,455. Of course there are some people that make more & make less than $50k. When looking at the poorest towns in Texas, Road Snacks listed what they considered the 10 poorest (when factoring the average salary & unemployment rate in each city). Their top 10 were:

  • La Feria was #10 with an average salary of $35,722
  • Crockett at #9; its average salary was $30,875
  • San Benito at #8; $33,245
  • Jasper, #7; $36,202
  • Mexia, #6; $34,541
  • Roma, #5; $25,933
  • Donna, #4; $29,680
  • Marlin, #3; $28,061
  • Carrizo Springs, #2; $22,167
  • And at #1: Prairie View with an average salary of $16,914.

So that's it right?

This town is indeed the poorest town in Texas

However, another website, 247wallst, used numbers from the last 5 years from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2021 American Community Survey. They were able to put together a graph of what the poorest town was in each 50 state. When looking at Texas, it wasn't Prairie View, but it was Carrizo Springs.

Google Maps
Google Maps

They were able to determine that Carrizo Springs' annual salary was actually just $9,110 with a staggering 96.9 poverty rate in the entire town. When comparing THAT salary number to the rest of the states, it was the only average salary that didn't hit 5 digits, making it the lowest average salary on the chart.

I certainly hope this changes because seeing people on shoestring budgets does make me bummed out. Let's hope that in the next couple of years, we won't see so many poor towns around Texas.

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