Cam'ron says Kanye West is a normal guy who likes to play crazy when it's convenient.

Cam'ron Explains His Ongoing Friendship With Kanye West

Despite some of Kanye West's past controversial remarks and outlandish behavior, Cam'ron said Kanye West is a normal guy when he's around him. On an episode of the All The Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, which aired on Dec. 21, Cam suggested that some of Ye's erratic conduct may be deliberate.

"Kanye, he play crazy with who he wanna play crazy with, you know what I’m saying? That n***a's crazy when it's convenient," Cam told Matt and Stephen at the 56-minute mark in the video below.

"I seen Kanye about a year and a half, two years ago...the n***a was sane as a muthaf**ka," he continued recalling the time Kanye asked him if he needed any beats.

“Two days later he going crazy on the news and all type of s**t," he added. "Every time I seen Kanye he's perfectly fine. I've never seen the crazy Kanye, personally. Ever."

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Kanye West Goes on a Wild Rant at Vulture's Album Event in Las Vegas

Last Friday (Dec. 15), Kanye went on a lengthy rant at his Las Vegas album event in support of Vultures with Ty Dolla $ign. As he was wrapping up the listening party, he launched into a lengthy diatribe about his non-supporters during an Instagram Live stream.

Ye mentioned Drake, Jay-Z, Adidas and others for not supporting him within the past year. The Chicago rapper-producer also called out the "Jewish n***as" who would simply brush off his rant as another "episode." He even said he wanted to "slap the s**t out of Mike Rubin."

Kanye's rant was captured in a video, which can be viewed below.

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Watch Cam'ron explain his friendship with Kanye West below.

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