Doja Cat had to address fans who thought her new cover art resembled a pubic hair photo.

Doja Cat Addresses Fans Who Think Her New Cover Art Is a Pubic Hair Photo

On Friday (March 29), Doja Cat shared on her Instagram page an image of the cover art for her upcoming new album. The artwork features a close-up image of her natural hair. While the cover art looks innocent enough, the image sparked a debate among fans who incorrectly assumed the artwork was a pubic hair photo. Other people thought it was a photo of sheep's fur.

On Saturday (March 30), Doja jumped on Instagram Live and criticized fans who thought that she's posted a photo of her pubic hair for the single's cover art.

"I'm seeing a consistent pattern in my comment section of people saying is it my...pubic hair? Is it carpet? Or is it's sheep's wool?" Doja said in the video below.

"It's not even questions, some people are being like, 'That’s what it is,'" she continued. "But people are comparing my hair to sheep and pubes and popcorn and s**t like that. Like, we gotta move forward. Let's move forward. Let's grow. Let's stop."

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Doja Cat's Cover Art Is a Photo of Her Actual 4C Hair

During her IG Live rant, Doja explained how she conceived the cover art in the first place. The Grammy Award-winning rapper-singer told her 24 million followers that she hired a photographer to take a photo of the top of her head and to blow up the image. Doja said the image is of her tight curl pattern, known as 4C hair.

"My hair to describe it, it's 4C hair texture, my hair is just 4C. And a lot of y'all don't give a f**k and that's good. Great," Doja said.

"But we gotta stop comparing 4C hair to...ugh, pubic hair? Really? That's where we stand?" she questioned.

"It's my hair. It's just my hair," Doja concluded.

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Watch Doja Cat call out fans who think her cover art is a photo of her pubic hair below.

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