After an incredibly tense Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, a lot of rappers are cashing out on some serious bets they placed during the big game.

The Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious with a 25-22 win after going into overtime against the 49ers, and this means a lot of rappers either won big or lost big at the close game. Rappers are no strangers to betting some seriously high wages at professional sporting events. Back in 2012, Birdman bet a whopping $5 million that the New England Patriots would win Super Bowl XLVI against the New York Giants. He unfortunately lost that year. Drake is also no stranger to high-stakes gambling. He previously lost $2 million on the UFC middleweight title fight back in November of 2022.

The point is rappers aren't afraid of chasing a bag, regardless of the outcome. Here are some rappers who bet big and lost on Super Bowl Sunday.

Drake Wins $2.3 million

The "Drake Curse" was finally broken after the rapper bet $1.15 million on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the 2024 Super Bowl. Following the Chief's win, Drizzy hopped on Instagram to celebrate his big win, which brought in $2.3 million for the 6 God.

"Got 'em though," Drake said on his Story. "Got 'em!"

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Soulja Boy Wins $12 Million

Soulja Boy had an even bigger night on Super Bowl Sunday. Soulja hit the Las Vegas Strip with a few of his friends and placed some seriously big bets on the Kansas City Chiefs at a local casino.

"Just give me my money," Soulja said over and over again as the cashier continued to count out his $12.47 million.

GloRilla Wins $1 Million

GloRilla placed her first big bet ever on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and it paid off big for the Memphis rapper. The "Tomorrow 2" star hopped on Instagram to celebrate her $1 million win, as she could be seen basking in the moment in the stands with her friends and 42 Dugg.

"Yeah Chiefs!!!!! My first time betting & I won," Glo captioned the post. "On top of dat dey played Yeah Glo. I can't lie life's great right now."

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Rubi Rose Won $1 Million

Rubi Rose also walked away with a cool $1 million after betting on the Chiefs on Sunday. Rubi was also at the 2024 Super Bowl and was photographed in the stands giving the middle finger to the camera.

"A milli up....all it took was faith," Rubi wrote on Twitter alongside a screenshot of her winnings.

Offset Loses $1 Million

Not everyone had a good night on Super Bowl Sunday. Offset, donning a fur coat, told his Instagram followers before the game that he had put $1 million down on the San Francisco 49ers.

"Yes sir on the way to the Super Bowl, I put that million dollars up," Set told the camera. "That's how we comin'. We finna win this money, 49ers, let's get it."

Needless to say, Set didn't follow up on his bet after the game was over.

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