Rappers often push the limits in their lyrics, specifically when dropping rhymes that aren't too family-friendly. Because hip-hop's foundation is built on self-expression, rhymers hold no punches when it comes to communicating their wants, needs and oftentimes, their sexual desires. Case in point: men and women alike in the rap game aren't timid about dropping raunchy lyrics revolving around the birds and the bees. Take note, these lyrics are NSFW.

Popular NSFW bars come from Sexyy Red, who delivers her now-famous lines, "I'm out of town, thuggin' with my rounds/My c***hie pink, my booty-hole brown/Where the n***as? I'm lookin' for the h**s/Quit playin', n***a, come suck a b***h toe," on her 2023 single, "Pound Town." Risqué lyrics also became a topic of discussion after Akinyele spit, "I'm all about mouth-f***in'/Only if you down for d**k suckin'/If not, B.J. and the Bear...keep truckin'" on his 1996 offering, "Put It in Your Mouth."

Sometimes, a rapper's boldest lyrics can even exude confidence and help others feel sexually liberated. On the 2020 track "Movie" featuring Lil DurkMegan Thee Stallion raps, "Eat my c***hie, lеt's make a movie, n***a/I'm talkin’ ASMR, let me hear you chew it, n***a/The only L I hold got that V right there next to it/My p***y tight, but I might let him add some stretch to it, agh." She has the authority to call the shots underneath the sheets.

Other artists, including Lil WayneTyler, The Creator, FutureLil' Kim, The Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem have their say in erotic rhymes as well. But there's more. Before pressing play, lower the volume and check out the gallery below to see  the raunchiest lyrics from rappers.

See 40 of the Raunchiest Hip-Hop Lyrics of All Time

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