Pop star Jackson Wang is once again living up to his fantasy fanfic persona.

The singer-rapper was caught on video seemingly flirting with rapper Coi Leray at the Louis Vuitton SS24 Men’s show during Paris Fashion Week, leading many fans to joke that he's "Party Boy Jackson" in real life, just like he is often portrayed in fan fiction.

A viral video shows the pair sharing a butterflies-in-your-tummy-inducing moment at the fashion show.

In the clip, Wang, a member of the K-pop group GOT7 and successful solo star, leans toward Leray with his leg up on the bench beside her. He whispers something in Leray's ear and at one point can be heard saying, "For real, though," while nodding and smirking as she laughs.

He then puts his hand near her waist before leaning in for a hug as Leray giggles and tells him, "Oh, you're crazy."

Watch the video, below:

In the comments section of the TikTok video, many fans went absolutely feral over the interaction.

"Jackson has too much rizz," one fan declared, using the slang term that's short for charisma.

"With the leg up and everything," another fan added, noting Jackson's body language.

"I’m literally screaming and kicking my feet rn LOOK AT THEM AHHHH," someone else commented.

"Whoever was recording, I thank you for your service," another person joked.

One person even joked that Jackson could "bring world peace" with his charisma, commenting, "He is the most charismatic person in the world. Bro could bring about world peace."

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Many fans desperately wanted to know what was said between the two, with many requesting subtitles for the video that's now been viewed over 1.5 million times on TikTok and 23 million times on Twitter.

"I need subtitles right neowww," one person commented.

On Twitter, a fan tweeted the video with the simple caption, "Now..."

"On my 10th rewatch, I'm sorry," one fan quote-tweeted in reply to the video.

"The views?! Jackson main character strikes again," another fan wrote in a quote-tweet.

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