For almost a decade, the biggest movie in the history of the universe was James Cameron’s Avatar. And the second-biggest movie was James Cameron’s Titanic. It might have seemed a little snotty when Cameron stole a line from Titanic on stage at the Oscars and yelled “I’m king of the world!” but you know what? He was kind of right.

That finally changed this summer when Marvel released Avengers: EndgameVery quickly, Avengers swamped the box office charts. It had the biggest opening weekend ever, and in short order, it passed Titanic on the all-time list as well. Passing Avatar, which was truly a phenomenon in 2009 and 2010, took a little longer. But last weekend it finally happened; Avengers officially became the all-time worldwide box office champ.

Today, James Cameron released the following statement, congratulating Marvel and the Avengers team for finally dethroning him as the king of the box office world:

I love the use of the Na’vi language in the statement. Oh yeah you have the biggest movie ever, Marvel, but do you have your own language? No you don’t, but James Cameron does.

Cameron can still get the last laugh. He’s currently hard at work on four Avatar sequels. The first one opens in theaters on December 17, 2021. I suspect most people don’t think these movies don’t have a chance of passing Endgame. But guess what? The pundits said Titanic was going to flop, and it became the biggest movie ever. They said Avatar would never repeat Titanic’s success — and then it surpassed it. I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if Marvel was sending James Cameron one of these Twitter congratulations in five years.

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