Jamie Foxx's impersonation game is on point.

During the Oscar award-winning actor and comedian's appearance on the Full Send podcast on Feb. 24 with hosts Kyle Forgeard and Bob Menery, Foxx did what could be one of the most spot-on impersonations of Jay-Z.

Foxx spoke on how he got into entertainment at a young age. He explained how his grandmother would always have a television on in her house, and that he would watch various shows day after day, picking up on the different voices he would hear on the screen.

"I would just watch everybody back in the day," he explained. "Sammy Davis Jr., Tom Jones, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, people you probably never heard of, Steve Allen. My TV shows was like The Tonight Show. So I would watch all these guys come on to the stage and I would emulate them in school."

The Texas native continued, "So I was in third grade, I'm being rowdy and shit, but my third grade teacher knew I was smart. She said, 'Listen, I'ma give you 10 minutes at the end of class on Friday to tell your jokes, ’cause if not, you gonna be kicked out.' So, every Friday I'd do my standup. I would just take the jokes from The Tonight Show and tell them to the kids, ’cause they ain't up. My grandmother had me up, had me drinking coffee and shit, and I'm wired in school and shit like I'm doing cocaine."

"So, I do the 10 minutes and next thing I know, by fifth, sixth grade, everybody in the city would come see my show at the school," Jamie Foxx went on to say. "So, that's how I got on."

He then went into his impressively accurate impersonations.

"I would do Kermit The Frog: 'Kermit The Frog, Sesame Street News here with the Three Little Pigs,'" Foxx explained. "Which actually sounds like Sammy Davis Jr.: 'Because sometimes, who could take a sunrise.' Which actually sounds like Jay-Z: 'Nice party, it's crazy, I started off in Marcy Projects. Hung out with Beyoncé. Dame had an idea. It's crazy.'"

Seriously, the impression is so accurate it's hilarious. Everyone's eyes got wide as he went from voice to voice. Take a look below.

Check out Jamie Foxx's full interview on the Full Send podcast below.

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