The big show announcement was revealed this morning on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

Being an intricate part of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show for more than a decade, Jenna Owens announced this morning that she would be stepping down from her day to day duties as a co-host on the show. It was a hard and tough decision to make and even harder announcement to make to KiddNation.

A few years ago Jenna started a business on the side to give her something else to do. In the short few years of the businesses existence, it has flourished and taken off and has demanded more and more of her time. She is taking a leap of faith with this new business venture, that has already helped so many people, and giving it everything she has to help make it even more successful.

There came a point to when Jenna felt like she wasn't giving one hundred percent to either - her full time radio career and her full time business. She felt it wasn't fair to the rest of the cast that were putting in long hard hours to make the show perfect and at the same time it wasn't fair to the staff of her business that she wasn't there all the time. In addition to keeping some strange and long hours to make both work.

However, she's not giving up the show completely. Jenna will remain as a contributing member of the show. Most likely contributing weekly with her 'That's What I Like' segment that airs on Friday's. Jenna will be on the show participating still with celebrity interviews in addition to a weekly podcast that she and J-Si will be hosting.

We will definitely miss Jenna each and every morning, but we wish her the best of luck in her new business venture and we have no doubt that she will be very successful! It's not goodbye forever, we'll still be hearing her.

Watch Jenna make the announcement and learn more about her business in the video segment below.

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