Jennifer Lopez lets her bad girl — and her commercially viable one — out in the video for ‘Follow the Leader’ with Wisin (who looks like frequent J. Lo collaborator Pitbull‘s fraternal twin) and Yandel.

The video opens in Acapulco, where the ‘American Idol‘ judge is awoken by a text on her BlackBerry (oh hai product placement!) asking if she wants to play. When she replies to Wisin asking what he wants to play, he smirks and shoots back, “Follow the Leader.” See how paying attention in Spanish I can pay off, kiddies? Soon, the duo invites Yandel, who’s busy doing nothing by a pool with a bevy of bikini-clad beauties.

When the music starts, Lopez transforms into ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ — and with the gigantic chest tattoo. As if the queen of glowing bronze skin would really tarnish her perfect complexion with that ink! Soon, the trio embark on a stunt-fueled series of escapades throughout the city, jumping over cars, hopping off of rooftops (with visible Pepsi ads, natch) and breaking and entering. It’s unclear what their motives are, but it sure as hell looks like fun.

The backflips and building jumps are spliced with footage of the trio dancing in the middle of town, complete with a Degree deodorant product placement (hey, Mexico’s hot).

Despite the flagrant endorsements within the clip, it’s still pretty fun to watch, and the song will likely be stuck in your head for a while afterward. ¡Ole ole!

Watch Wisin & Yandel Feat. Jennifer Lopez, ‘Follow the Leader’ Video