Jennifer Lopez wants to ‘Dance Again’ on the new single from her upcoming greatest hits collection. A lyric video for the Pitbull-assisted tune was released today.

The background for the lyric video is a purple-ish color scheme that resembles footage of outer space. At times, glittery swirls appear that almost look like the carbonation close-ups in a soda commercial.

The video reveals that J. Lo has a lot more on her mind that just dancing. She sings, “Nobody knows what I’m feelin’ inside / I find it so stupid so why should I hide / That I love to make love to you baby / So many ways wanna touch you tonight / I’m a big girl, got no secrets this time / Yeah I love to make love to you baby.

Pitbull calls his co-star the “world’s most beautiful woman” and portrays himself as a ladies’ man: “Modern day Hugh Hefner, yes / Playboy to the death, uh yes / Is he really worldwide? Uh, yes / Mami let me open your treasure chest.

‘Dance Again’ comes a year after Lopez and Pitbull teamed up for ‘On the Floor,’ which became J. Lo’s biggest hit in a decade. The song will hit iTunes on Monday, April 2, and the music video will premiere on next Thursday’s episode of ‘American Idol.’

Watch the Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull ‘Dance Again’ Lyric Video