Interviews don't seem to be a strong point for the cast of the new movie "Now You See Me." Last week poor old Morgan Freeman was caught napping during the middle of one and now there is an interview going around of Jesse Eisenberg being a complete and total jerk to the poor girl who thought she wanted to interview him. Eisenberg sat down with Romina Puga who runs a web show called "Say My Name With Romina," and right from the get-go, he seemed to have a problem with her.

I've always had a feeling about this guy, like he would act just like he does in the video if I ever had a chance to meet him. It took me watching a couple of his movies before I warmed up to him. And sure, his style of comedy may not be considered super nice but honestly, I thought he was just messing around at the start of the interview. The conversation does start to get a little heated towards the end but the girl did a good job to keep her composure and just roll with the punches.

Romina took to the web after the interview and blogged about the experience, saying it was not pleasant. You can check out her blog HERE.