On tonight’s (May 22) pentultimate episode of ‘American Idol,’ the lovely teen Jessica Sanchez sang three songs. One was selected by producer Simon Fuller, one was a repeat of a during-the-season-performance song and one was her own single. Since her nemesis Phillip Phillips won the coin toss, she went first, as he elected go second. One thing is for sure: her voice is huge and beautiful.

For the Fuller choice, she tackled Whitney Houston‘s big and bold ballad ‘I Have Nothing.’ The song is in her wheelhouse and she proved she is diva-ready. But it wasn’t something that raised the rafters.

She returned to ‘The Prayer,’ a song which helped her land in the Top 24. It’s a power ballad, so it was more of the same. She was technically flawless while hitting a monster note, but it was still lacking in heat.

For the song that will be her single if she is crowned Season 11 winner of ‘Idol,’ she sang a ballad called ‘Change Nothing.’ What a shock! Bebe Chez going the ballad route? We’re not trashing her. She has a gorgeous voice and she’s got a career ahead of her. But it was too much of a standard (and generic) pop ballad. She’s talented but she’s also just a diva-like singer. When she shows that urban, Beyonce-edge, that’s when she is most interesting.The judges did not love her “single” choice.

Notice, she performed ‘I Have Nothing’ and ‘Change Nothing.’ That’s two nothings, but Jessica Sanchez is something! Overall, her three songs were too similar. Will she be that “something else” that lands her the ‘Idol’ crown?

Find out tomorrow night at 8 PM.

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform ‘I Have Nothing’

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform ‘The Prayer’

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform ‘Change Nothing’