On this week’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon brings back a very special guest with whom he’s had a bromance with for nearly two decades — Justin Timberlake. The last time Timberlake came on his show in was in 2018. He had just lost his voice, resulting in The Tonight Show's first silent interview.

Fallon and Timberlake reminisce on their friendship, which spans back to the 2002 MTV Video Awards. The night was full of firsts for both of them: It was Timberlake’s first big gig as a solo artist and Fallon’s first solo hosting gig. The two immediately hit it off, and 18 years later, that camaraderie is still going strong. Watch the two look back on their wild memories together, including a safari trip in Africa:

Later in the show, Fallon also shared their “quarantine mix,” which consists of the two of them using household items to lay down a beat. They then express (through rap) the frustrations that come from self-isolation, including the boredom and being hungry all the time. Fallon and Timberlake filmed each of their parts separately, and then Fallon stitched together the videos to create something wonderfully weird and undeniably catchy. The clip was made to raise awareness for America’s Food Fund. In another segment, Timberlake talks all things Trolls World Tour. He shares that the music video for “Don’t Slack” — the entirety of which takes place in a living room — is actually perfect for social distancing.

You can catch Timberlake’s voice in the star-studded Trolls World Tour this Friday, April 10, available on VOD.

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