Excited about the World Series but wish you already knew who was going to win? Well Jimmy Fallon has already picked the winner. How did he do that? It is one of the most reliable ways ever; a puppy predictor. It's exactly what it sounds like, so it may not be that reliable. Fallon puts four of the most adorable puppies in a box at the end of a ramp. At the opposite end of the ramp there's two food bowls, one for the Boston Red Socks and on for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Whichever bowl has two puppies eating out of it first is the winner and therefor is going to win the World Series. After watching how Game 1 turned out last night this may actually be one of the more accurate ways to pick a winner, although only time will prove who the real winner is. But it doesn't hurt to have a little fun. Check out who the puppies picked to win in the video below and let us know who you want to win in the comment section below.