The World Series starts tonight. The Kansas City Royals take on the New York Mets. Fun fact: The last time the Royals won a World Series was October 27th, 1985. The last time the Mets won one was October 27th, 1986. It's only fitting that game one for these two teams would fall on October 27th.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel, who is a big Mets fan, invited Eric Stonestreet from 'Modern Family,' who is a huge Royals fan, onto his show to make a little wager on the World Series. Unlike what we always hear, with mayors sending each other food from the cities, this time, it was all about terrible bets.

They spun the wheel, with options like getting their ears pierced with the opposing teams earring or having to be handcuffed to a superhero on Hollywood Blvd. It ended up landing on 'Jimmy's Choice' and he picked the worst option on the board. Whoever's team loses the World Series will have to jump in a bounce house for 1 minute while the other person shoots them with a paintball gun.

As a born and raised Kansan and a Royals fan for life, I'm definitely pulling for Eric Stonestreet to win this one. Sorry, Jimmy. Go Royals!