You love who you love, regardless of gender, skin color or religion. That should be the governing principle of life in general -- but it's most certainly the case in the song and video for the John Mayer and Katy Perry duet 'Who You Love.'

Clips of Mayer and Perry -- Jaty, maybe? -- looking at one another longingly are spliced with scenes of couples of all different types riding a mechanical bull together and having a super fun time while doing so.

It's really cute to see those couples thrashing about and giggling. But the larger message is that you hold on and you cling to each other and manage to smile no matter what obstacle you face.

Yes, Mayer and Perry get on the bull themselves. That's the best part!

They really put their love on display, in scenes where we're almost tempted to say, "Get a room," since they are super affectionate and look at each other with love in their eyes. It's totally soulmate-style gazing. They appear in it for the long haul.