When word got out that Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo were dating, the world gave a consecutive "aw" because the duo make such a cute couple. And now, they're about to take things to the next level. Could we be hearing wedding bells in the near future?

"It's not a conversation that we're scared about," Sparks said to Us Weekly. "Before, we both went through tragedies this year -- he broke his neck and then ['Sparkle' costar] Whitney [Houston] passed -- so before it might have been a little too crazy."

Since these events, which surely affected their lives greatly, they've both come to realize that their priorities were beginning to change and that they had to focus on what happened to them both during the year.

"You really see the people you love and you go, I don't want to lose you," she said. "So, it's a conversation we have, but we're not in a rush."

But while both are still pretty young to be taking such a big and important step, (Sparks is 22, Derulo is 23), and a proposal hasn't exactly happened yet, the thought of proposing and marriage is not out of the question. "I hope he does!" exclaimed Sparks. "It's not happening yet, but I hope so!"

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