It was a recurring story in 2017, Texas teachers sleeping with students. Looks like the trend continues into 2018.

The latest improper relationship comes from McAllen, Texas. Thirty-nine-year-old Marisela Mendoza Winn has been accused of sleeping with a sixteen-year-old student. An investigation began back in November between Marisela and this student. The student admits he had sex with his former English teacher. The teen admits to going over to her apartment to perform sexual acts.

The two would also sext each other. Police obtained FIVE THOUSAND pages worth of texts between the two. Marisela has not cooperated with police during this investigation and has been let go by the school. Marisela was officially charged with an improper relationship between a teacher and student this past Wednesday. The school district released this statement below on the investigation.

IDEA Public Schools is committed to ensuring the safety of our students on the road to and through college. The employee in question has been on administrative leave as authorities conducted an investigation, and has since been released from IDEA Public Schools. We are cooperating fully with the investigation, and we have taken all appropriate actions in accordance with the law and network policy. As this is an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment any further. All questions should be directed to Hidalgo County.

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