Have you noticed all the roundabouts that have been popping up across North Texas lately?

Many cities have been constructing roundabouts rather than traffic lights and four-way stops at intersections in an effort to relieve traffic congestion and reduce injuries from crashes.

I’ll go ahead and admit it right here in front of God and everybody – I was absolutely clueless the first time I encountered one just off of U.S. Highway 287 west of Fort Worth. And yes, I got honked at.

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But, as someone with family in the DFW Metroplex, I visit the area often. So, I’ve become much better at navigating those things. But still, I feel my blood pressure increase every time I approach one because I can’t help but wonder just how many other people on the road don’t know the rules for roundabouts.

So, I decided to put in the work and research the rules for roundabouts here in the Lone Star State.

First and foremost, yield to traffic to the left before entering the roundabout (it took me a few times of navigating those things before I noticed the sign telling people to yield to traffic to the left). Simply yielding to the traffic coming from the left makes the entire process easier for everyone.

It’s also important to yield to pedestrians in roundabouts. Pedestrians always have the right of way, according to the City of Frisco’s website.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never change lanes while in the roundabout. If you mistakenly choose the wrong lane before entering, just suck it up and accept that you just added a few more minutes to your trip.

Lastly and probably most importantly, slow down. I know that’s a lot to ask of the impatient speed demons on the road here in Texas, but if you don’t care about your own safety, the least you can do is think about the safety of others.

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