Is he or isn't he? That's the question on everyone's lips regarding Justin Bieber: Is he really calling it quits or is he just joshin' around? The Boy Wonder's management team is now speaking out on the stories in the press surrounding Biebs' early (like, way early) retirement.

Scooter Braun is likely against Bieber throwing in the musical towel, because that means his cash cow has no more milk. As such, Braun's partners at Scooter Braun Projects adamantly denied Bieber's retirement tweet that shook his Beliebers to their cores on Christmas Eve:

Scooter Braun Projects COO Scott Manson told the Wall Street Journal that Bieber is "100 percent not retiring." Meanwhile, Scooter Braun Projects general manager Alison Kaye was a little sassier in her response, snapping, "Justin is a hard working 19-year-old who would prefer that his recent fundraising work in the Philippines and the considerable amount raised for the cause be the media’s focus more than the recent reporting on him retiring."

She added, "Regarding his recent tweeting about his 'retirement' Justin felt that this was the best way to respond to the latest in a long line of inaccurate or wildly exaggerated media reports about him. He chose to channel his frustration into playing along with this baseless rumor and even used 'beloved' to tip off his core fans that it wasn't real." Kaye continued, "But within 20 minutes, Justin realized that fans were confused by the media reports and clarified that he was kidding. This wasn't a planned stunt, it was just another day in the life of living under the microscope. Justin loves his fans and understands that this scrutiny comes along with his success and the interest in him from fans and media."

See that, Beliebers? You can heave a collective sigh of relief!