Prepare to see all of your favorite clothing stores and Instagram influencers loading up on Tool shirts - Justin Bieber is a Tool fan.

The pop star posted some lyrics to the song "The Pot" from the band's last release 10,000 Days on his Instagram story. In the next post, he implored any of his followers who knew which song the lyrics were from to message him. "Don't look it up please I'm curious if any of you know it," he wrote.

stereogum / Instagram - Justin Bieber
stereogum / Instagram - Justin Bieber

At least the dude's got decent taste.

Wearing rock and metal band shirts has become a sort of trendy fashion staple over recent years, but Tool are no AC/DC or Metallica. So while it's unlikely that many "beliebers" would be familiar with a progressive metal group, it's not unlikely that they went against their hero's wishes and Googled the lyrics from his post, and thus discovered Tool.

We don't have to state the obvious - everyone is entitled to listen to and enjoy whatever style of music they please. But it's more than humorous for Tool fans to imagine Top 40 listeners indulging in tracks like "Prison Sex," "Hooker With a Penis" and "Rosetta Stoned."

A user on Tool's Reddit page posted a screenshot of some new comments on "The Pot" on YouTube, warning "It's happening" after people were commenting that they were brought to the song by none other than Bieber himself.

All in all, if this brings more awareness and genuine interest to Tool's music, it could be a good thing.

Check out Tool's tour dates here.

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