An aspiring rapper gets his time to shine in front of Kanye West while outside Carbone restaurant in New York City earlier this week.

After ’Ye and actress Julia Fox were seen leaving Carbone for their second date on Tuesday night (Jan. 4), the G.O.O.D. Music founder was swarmed by photographers and fans as he approached his vehicle. Photographer Blayze captured the moment in an Instagram video, which included Kanye posing for pictures with some of his supporters. Among the crowd gathered was rapper Loner, who waited patiently to showcase his bars.

While Kanye spoke with a few men surrounding him, Loner approached ’Ye and initiated conversation. "I work hard," he told the Grammy-winning artist.

Loner then turned his attention toward the camera. "I'm ’bouta come out big," he said. "You gonna see me. Watch this video."

"Spit, spit, spit, spit," Kanye urged him.

"Workin' all summer, yeah, I notice that they notice me," Loner rapped, continuing for 30 seconds as ’Ye yelled "Woo" to hype him up. Kanye seemed visibly interested in the rhymes the rap newcomer was spitting while also throwing out a few laughs.

He also encouraged Loner to mention his Instagram handle. “Tell ’em what’s your name? What’s your name,” Kanye insisted. "Give ’em your Instagram. Give ’em your Instagram.”

You can find Loner at @lonerbychoice__ on Instagram.

This isn't the first time an indie rapper has approached Kanye to share their talents. In 2018, rapper Nino Blu, who was living on the street at the time, freestyled for ’Ye in New York City. Kanye invited the man to a studio session later that day.

Watch Loner spit rhymes for Kanye West below.

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