Leave it to Kanye West to level up on Mother's Day and stunt on us all. 'Ye kicked the special day off right for his wife and mother of his two children, Kim Kardashian, by having an orchestra serenade her as she woke from her slumber.

The scene was captured and posted on Instagram. In the first clip, Kim can be seen holding North as the string section plays in the living room below. Additional clips show a continuation of the dream-like scene with the players stringing along. The only thing that's missing is Kanye strolling into the room atop an Arabian horse. Either way, this is one of the sweetest Mother's Day gifts we've ever seen.

As expected, mothers all across the world are getting the just due today. XXL recently reached out to a number of artists who shared the best advice their dear ol' mom had blessed them with in the past. We got some encouraging answers.

Stalley says his mom always taught him to strive for his goals -- no matter how big. "What stands out about my mom is that she never placed limitations on me," he said. "From childhood she always reiterated that I was capable of anything. When I was a kid, she took me to the library and let me choose any book I wanted and not just from the children's section. At 18, when I left her house for college she knew I would be straight. Even now she tells me I'll 'figure it out.' I still carry her words with me wherever I go."

Check out the rest of the footage of Kanye's next level gift below.

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