Katy Perry has her eyes set on a Blackpink collaboration.

The "Smile" singer spoke highly of the K-pop girl group during an interview with Thailand-based outlet The Standard.

“I’m all about always collaborating with anyone," she shared. "For me, to be completely honest, it’s not about the artist. It’s about the song."

To venture into the world of K-pop collaborations, Perry admitted that there first has to be a great song to work on. “As far as any K-pop [goes], I would love to do it if the song is amazing, if it feels authentic," she explained. "I don’t want to be a part of a trend. I want to be a part of a movement.”

Perry shared that Blackpink would be her first choice. "To be honest, I feel like some of that can be just people trying to make numbers," she said. "And, I’m not here to make numbers. I’m here to move hearts. So if Blackpink has the dopest song that makes me feel sexy or makes me feel connected, or whatever, I’m totally there."

Blackpink are no strangers to collaborating with other artists. So far, they've teamed up with pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa.

Listen to their latest single, "Ice Cream," below.

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