In an interview with Australian radio station SAFMKaty Perry was asked the inevitable question about her "competition" with Lady Gaga for pop chart dominance, since the two singers, while markedly different in style and sound, dropped singles and albums around the same time last year.

When 'ROAR' went up against 'Applause,' the media and fans saw it as a "feud," whereas Katy and Gaga were complimentary towards one another and hugged it out on Twitter.

Fast-forward a few months and an Aussie radio station brought the subject up again and Perry fielded the question with grace and class, shooting down rumors that there is any bad blood between herself and Ma Monster.

"She is a fantastic performer and she takes a lot of artistic chances and it is always interesting to watch her," Perry said about Gaga.

She admitted, "Sometimes, it keeps me on my toes as a performer. It's nice to have that. But we both agree that we don't like the competitive nature and we don't encourage it from our fans because you are not going to listen to one artist your whole life. You'll listen to a medley of different artists."

When the host acknowledged that Perry's singles did better on the charts, the singer reiterated, "It's not a competition and we don't like that. I think that… I like her artistic choices. They are always very interesting to watch."

Perry also said she likes the 'ARTPOP' song 'Venus,' comparing it to Queen and ABBA.

Ultimately, Perry was measured and diplomatic when she responded.

Gaga, for her part, also commented on the Perry "competition" during her SXSW keynote, alluding that they don't do the same thing, so why is there this fan fiction-y feud?

Perry also gushed about her love for songwriter Sia and how they laugh tons when in the studio together.