Kellie and Allen celebrated their one-year anniversary yesterday, and Allen pulled out all the stops to make this anniversary one to remember.

Out on a romantic dinner date, their gift exchange began and poor Allen just didn't quite hit the ball out of the park, at all. From a candle with a semi-precious stone Kellie had once said would be a good collectible, to a beautiful black bejeweled box including a bumble bee on the top, to the ace of hearts playing card inside -- he just seemed to strike out.

With heartfelt consideration, Allen was merely trying to do his best in remembering the small things that mean so much to Kellie. The playing card was his way of starting a new anniversary tradition -- every year a new card. Unfortunately, that took a grave turn when Kellie realized there are 52 cards in a deck and by no means would she ever live long enough to complete the deck.

One present, though, seemed perfect. A necklace with a lightening bolt. Apparently, this is an inside joke and a personal gift we might never know the significance of.

Check out the full story below, you might just get some tips when your own anniversary comes around.

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