As everyone was fully aware, Kellie came into the studio yesterday with a skip to her step and giggles all about her. Not her usual early morning entrance, then Big Al noticed that beautiful ring on her finger!

It is official, Kellie is on her way to marrying Allen is so thrilled about it. The topic came up about weddings and the whole 'objection' spiel and that Kellie has decided to take it out of her vows completely, does anyone really ever object?

A listener, Tiffany, did call into the show having been a previous wedding planner and shared her horrific story of a bride having an affair with the best man, who just in case the guy happened to profess his adoration during the ceremony, she had arranged for the DJ to play a special song for the two of them as they exited, minus the groom. Boy, this world is full of bad apples, but Kellie seems to have found her prince charming and Jenna is right on her tail.

Listen to the show below and see how Valentine's Day can be a wonderful day for each and all of us, even if it is a bit unconventional.

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