Kelly Clarkson is known for covering songs during her Kellyoke segment on her Kelly Clarkson Show, and on Jan. 4, she sang one by her friend and fellow coach on The Voice, Blake Shelton.

Clarkson took to the stage with her band to perform a free and easy version of Shelton's 2011 hit "Honey Bee."

She starts off the feel-good tune with a smile, mostly following along with the original version as she sings the first verse and chorus. She keeps the fun going in the second verse, putting her own spin on the tune and taking the notes higher than in the original version.

Clarkson does the same thing in the second chorus, letting the final notes ring out and lead into a guitar solo before singing the final words of the tune one more time.

Clarkson has invited Shelton on the show many times, and the two will both serve as coach on The Voice yet again when the show returns for Season 23 this spring. This season will be Shelton's last on the show after a 12-year tenure as coach.

Clarkson returns after a short hiatus, and the two stars will be joined by two new coaches, Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan.

Shelton comes into Season 23 as the most-recent winning coach. His contestant Bryce Leatherwood took home the win in Season 22. Clarkson, for her part, has done well on her eights seasons of the show as well, with four winning contestants.

Season 23 of The Voice premieres on March 6 at 8PM ET on NBC.

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