Kelly Clarkson revealed that Scooter Braun took offense after she suggested that Taylor Swift should re-record her music to own her catalog in a different way.

On Thursday (June 22), Sirius XM published an interview with the American Idol alum. Shortly after Braun purchased Swift's entire musical catalog, meaning that he owned the rights to her material, Clarkson tweeted Swift an idea to somewhat get around it.

"I feel like Scooter took offense to it because we ran into each other. I think he reached out at the time to my management [when she made the tweet]," she explained.

"It wasn't anything against him," she clarified. "When she came out and said that, and I heard about it I was like whatever re-record them, your fans will support you and they did. She has like every top record right now."

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Clarkson claimed that while Braun didn't speak to her directly, he told her management at the time that he thought she was mad at him.

"I think he thought I was attacking him and I was like I honest to God, didn't even realize like who had the rights," Clarkson admitted. "I didn't even know all the information. All I heard was 'Man, I really want to own [my music].' She writes everything, it's so important to her, she's a businesswoman."

The "Piece By Piece" singer said that it "felt wrong that she didn't have the opportunity [to purchase her catalog]," although Braun had previously stated that he offered to sit down with Swift numerous times to discuss the ownership and even offered to sell her catalog to her.

"If you have the opportunity and you choose to not pay that much money that's one thing but to not have the opportunity to own something that is really important to you," she added.

Clarkson noted how impressed she was with the way Swift was able to market her re-recordings to coincide with her The Eras Tour. She also added that Swift "would have come up with that [idea to re-record] on her own."

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