Kendall Jenner recently got into the liquor business with a new tequila. Looks like an Austin based tequila company has got some questions.

Whether you love them or hate them the Kardashian/Jenner clan has got a lot of eyeballs on them. Whatever they decide to invest in definitely gets a lot of attention. Looks like a few months ago, Kendall Jenner decided to get into the tequila business. Her tequila is called 818, which is the area code for the San Fernando Valley over in California.

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Looks like an Austin based Tequila company called 512 has some questions for Kendall and her company. 512 is named after the Austin area code, also the logos look very similar. Finally, the two tequila companies use the same distillery in Mexico. However the owner of 512 says these are not the same tequilas being bottled and he is not accusing them of stealing their idea.

He does admit, the similarities are pretty crazy, especially since they use the same distillery. Also, it seems like 512 is a better tequila for a cheaper price. 512 in Austin triple distills their tequila at $26.99 a bottle. Meanwhile, Jenner's 818 tequila costs $44.99 a bottle and is only double distilled.

512 Tequila has been out since 2012 and Kendall's tequila is just starting to roll out in California this week and will be making it's way across the country shortly after. 512 showed the similarities in an Instagram post and it has got some people talking. Kendall though has an army of followers with 164 million people, who are ready to defend her at the drop of a hat.

I'm not sure if she or someone in her company stole this design concept. It is weird that two tequilas in the same distillery have very similar concepts.

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