It's no secret that the hot erotic romance novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is quite a raunchy read, and way to racy to read on the radio, but Kidd Kraddick and crew came up with a clean version so we can all experience the naughty night stand book without having to blush.

In a 'Mad Libs' style, Kraddick carefully removed any sensitive words and replaced them with the names of infomercial products.  Kidd's co-host, Kellie Rasberry - in her best erotic novel reading voice - reads a rather descriptive scene from the book, pausing for the infomercial inserts.

Here's an example: " hands rest on his firm, muscular - Slap Chop! Squirting more soap onto the wash cloth, he leans down and washes between my - Big City Slider Station!

Even with the no-no words switched out, the reading of the excerpt from the book is still rather dirty - but funny as hell.

Watch as Kellie Rasberry reads an erotic excerpt, the clean version, from the book '50 Shades of Grey'