What are Kellie, J-Si and Jenna doing for spring break this year? 

J-Si revealed some shocking spring break statistics, including the fact that 2,600 Americans get arrested during spring break each year. Both J-Si and Jenna admitted that they had friends who'd been arrested. With that in mind, the crew isn't doing anything too crazy for spring break.

Kellie said that it costs too much to go anywhere on spring break, so she's staying home and spending time with her daughter, Emma Kelly.

"But you're rich," Jenna noted.

"Why do you think I'm rich," Kellie said. "I don't spend any of my money!

Jenna revealed that she's flying out to Newport, California and may hit up SXSW in Austin, Texas. J-Si said that he'll be doing a little home renovation after an indoor football accident with his son Cason left a hole in the wall, plus some super exciting lawn mowing.

Check out the crew talking about their spring break plans, plus take calls from listeners.

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