I like to think I'm still young. I'm not even 30 yet! Still, I can remember using a rotary phone when I was a kid. You picked up the phone, heard the dial tone, and actually dialed a number.

Yet, I also realize that I haven't used a rotary phone in who knows how long. I haven't even had a land line in my house for at least the last 10 years. I have a fancy android phone that lets me access anything and anyone in the world at the push of a button. When kids have grown up living their life only knowing about cell phones, the technology we used to use seems crazy to them.

That's where this video comes in. How will modern kids react to a rotary phone? A few of them knew how it worked. Most didn't understand it at all. It really is kind of a foreign concept if you think about it. You have to put your finger in this hole and turn this thing to dial 1 number?

They also ask the kids about some of the parts of the phone, like what a dial tone sounds like, or what a busy signal is. I never even thought about the fact that if you have only had a cell phone, you would never have heard a dial tone before.  It gets even funnier when the kids are asked how to make a text message on the rotary phone. Watch if for yourself, you may feel old, but at least you will get a laugh.