Kim Kardashian allegedly asked Jeffree Star to deny the rumor that he was dating her husband, Kanye West.

On Saturday (January 9), a source close to the reality television star revealed to The Sun that she "made it clear to Jeffree to stop fueling the rumors with his social media posts."

"Jeffree was asked to set the record straight and that’s why he made the YouTube video," the source told the outlet. "He loved the attention and otherwise would’ve kept fanning the flames as long as he could have."

As for Kardashian, she is apparently troubled by this outlandish rumor. "Kim is humiliated by everything with Jeffree and the divorce as a whole," they added. "She has [a] lot of friends and a lot of respect in the makeup world so she was embarrassed with all of those Jeffree rumors."

The rumor that West and Star were having an affair was seemingly created by TikTok creator Ava Louise. The only basis for her claim was the fact that they both owned ranches in Wyoming. On Thursday (January 7), Star denied the rumor in a lengthy YouTube video.

Star was never linked to West, though he has been photographed with Kardashian previously. Although Star criticized both Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's beauty lines, Kardashian initially defended him against his controversial past.

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