Although Valentine's Day is a week away, Kinsey, J-Si's wife, had already planned a Valentine's surprise over the weekend. Due to the fact that it was Super Bowl weekend, J-Si just assumed that quite possibly it could have something to do with the big game. Well, apparently Kinsey is not the best at keeping secrets and when J-Si was inquiring about packing and possibly having to get ready to travel a bit, she accidentally divulged her sweet surprise. No, it didn't involve football, but a limo bus showed up along with 5 of their closest friends and couples to take them on a whiskey tasting.

After the whiskey tasting, they got home to their baby girl who had fallen and unfortunately had damaged some of her baby teeth.

You have to listen to today's show, not only the details of the "whiskey Valentines," but what Kinsey decided to bring to Kellie's Valentine's Day party for the kiddos, something really inappropriate!

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