‘Twi-hards’ around the world let out a collective shriek when a clip from the final film in the ‘Twilight’ franchise, ‘The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2,’ was leaked online. The clip, recorded by Twi-hards at a Target store, shows the newlywed and newly-turned-into-a-vampire Bella (Kristen Stewart) having a chat with her pale-faced husband Edward (Robert Pattinson).

Watch as the two have a conversation about taking a bath together (vampires take baths?), in their usual whispery tones.

Red eyes, pale skin and red lips — yup, the transformation into a ‘Twilight’ vampire is complete. Bella is still clearly coming to terms with her new life when she says, “It’s strange. Physically I feel I can demolish a tank. Mentally I feel drained.” Honestly, we’d love to see Bella crush a tank like The Hulk. That would definitely make more guys want to watch the movie.

Fanpires (‘Twilight‘ fans like to call themselves a lot of things) need not wait much longer for an official first look from the final film (we hope). The first trailer for ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ will be shown in front of ‘The Hunger Games,’ when it opens nationwide on March 23rd (click here for free tickets to the premiere of 'The Hunger Games'). We recommend covering your ears when the trailer comes on.