A Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy has a lot of explaining to do after he was video taped striking a woman on a city bus, a woman who apparently has special needs.  Iraq War veteran Jermaine Green video taped the altercation with his phone, noting that the deputy was well aware that he was taping.  Green said that the deputies addressed the woman by name, leading people to believe they've dealt with her before.  According to the LA Sheriff's office spokesperson, the woman has a history of arrests including assaulting a police officer, and she was acting hostile towards the deputies.  However, Green didn't see it that way,

"In the army, they gave us extensive training for rules of engagement.  There's proper protocol and steps that you take.  This lady did not do anything, she was not combative, and he actually turned combative on her."

The woman boarded the bus with a stroller filled with pillows.  Two deputies boarded the bus after receiving a complaint that she allegedly almost assaulted an older man.  After confronting the woman, a female deputy held her by the arms, at which point, according to Green, the woman called the male deputy a "big shot".  It was at this point the male deputy struck the woman with what some some say was a punch, while others say it was an elbow strike.  After Green stopped taping the incident, deputies approached him in an attempt to confiscate his camera, threatening to arrest him if he didn't comply.  Green refused believing that the deputies would attempt to cover up the assault.

The L.A. Sheriff's spokesperson confirmed that the unnamed woman has "mental challenges".  The Internal Affairs office has already started an investigation into the use of force by the deputies.

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