Lady Gaga took over Apple's main office in Cupertino, Calif. for a special concert for Apple employees, which they dubbed "Applechella."

The stage was set with a sky backdrop and rainbow arches in neon colors. Gaga performed a full concert for the thrilled employees and even brought out her keytar to play all of her hits. In true Gaga fashion, the set included outfit changes and a whole lot of dancing.

During the show, she managed to get the entire crowd of thousands to give a moment of silence for former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "If we could all, 15,000 of us for one minute, that I will time, I would like silence, in honor of your late husband," Gaga tells the crowd and to Jobs' wife Laurene. "I think it takes a true genius like Steve Jobs to be able to make so many people talk and communicate, and also, to leave us speechless. Laurene, you do so much for the world, with the Emerson Collective and so much more that you do. You help people, you're kind. This is the most important thing in the universe, kindness. This is what heals the whole world. So I hope you take this as a true sincere kind gesture. I would not only like to dedicate this to your late husband, but to you for carrying on his legacy."

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a tweet thanking Gaga for the private show which acted as the opening of Apple Park.


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